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Tour de Armand.

The French Armand Saumon-Couvert's factory owned by his family is going bankrupt. Armand is joining the cycling race in order to save the factory from going bankrupt with the money reward that you could win from the race. The German Hugo Kurbelwelle, The Scottish Willie O’Shaugnessy and The Italian's dangerous Vincenzo Pedali are joining the race, and it is your time, as a player, to save Armand's factory from going bankrupt by winning the race that is located in beautiful canyons in France.

This is our team's entry to 2D-racing games.

This game was created as part of Centria University of Applied Sciences Pelipaja Game Lab-project.

Producer:  Alex

Programming: Alex  & Viljami

Artwork & Animation: Vilu & Nocatplusplus


TourDeArmand.zip 56 MB

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